Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Why should I choose an outdoor ceiling fan?
If you are mounting a ceiling fan outside, building safety codes require that you install an outdoor ceiling fan with the correct UL listed rating depending on where the fan is installed.
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Where should I install Wet Rated outdoor ceiling fans?
UL Wet rated outdoor ceiling fans are suitable for location in which water can drip, splash, or flow on or against electrical equipment.

UL Wet Rated outdoor ceiling fans are recommended for:
- Screened cover or not cover patios, porches and outdoor ares
- Pergolas and gazebos
- Outdoor ares where rain can be reach or blow into
- Outdoor living areas with close proximity to the ocean or pools
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Where should I install Damp Rated outdoor ceiling fans?
UL Damp rated outdoor ceiling fans are suitable for exterior or interior locations that are normally or periodically subject to condensation of moisture.

UL Damp rated outdoor ceiling fans are recommended for:
- Covered patios or porches where rain cannot reach the fan.
- Screened outdoor spaces or sunrooms
- Covered areas over a pool (inside or outside)
- Bathrooms
- Laundry Rooms with high levels of humidity
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What about installing indoor fans outside?
Indoor fans are not suitable for exterior locations. Ceiling fans that are not UL listed for outdoors are not designed to handle moisture and outdoor elements.
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What is the difference between indoor and outdoor fans?
Outdoor ceiling fans are built to meet different set of standards than indoor ceiling fans. Outdoor ceiling fans include additional water resistant shielding around wires and other electrical. Blades are made out of ABS plastic in order to avoid warping and deterioration over time.
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Weathered Brick Finish

It is very difficult to determine the exact color for the weathered brick.
Is the weathered brick in the class of the browns or blacks?
The weathered brick in much like oil rubbed bronze. It has
different shades of dark brown that makeup the color. In dim lighting it
could look close to black.
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What is Weathered Brick?
Weathered Brick is the sames as Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. This finish is very dark deep chocolate brown. The makeup of the color is 85-95% dark chocolate brown. The under pinning is a dark burnt orange. Due to the nature of the materials and the hand-crafted processes; stain, color, texture and shading may vary a little.
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